If all of my external links were correctly set-up when my website was launched there is not a reason to be concerned going forward?

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Correct Answer is False: Broken links are common and will return a 404 Error. This occurs when the web page that you are linking to is renamed or deleted. External or outbound links are helpful in an overall SEO strategy but can be equally damaging when links become broken. A maintenance program should include testing all internal and external links on a monthly basis.

Websites can become outdated, but that is at least a few years away from the date my website was published to the internet?

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Correct Answer is False: Dated events, promotions and general news can become quickly outdated in todays digital information age. Search engines are constantly seeking out for new content with high quality and relevance and greatly contributes these as a ranking factor. Continuous maintenance updates is required to prevent a website from becoming outdated.

Website updates are only needed when content, images or page additions are required?

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Correct Answer is False: Content, images and page additions are all important maintenance updates, but software updates are the most common monthly updates. CMS, Theme and Plugins are constantly being updated and need to be done to prevent your website from crashing. For example, updating Wordpress to a newer version without making sure all your plugins are compatible with the new version will cause parts of you website to not function correctly.

Security issues are the #1 reasons why a website should be maintained regularly?

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Correct Answer is True: Website security is the top reason to maintain a website and #1 priority of any webmaster. Cyber-attacks can breach data, ruin your business reputation and cause losses of up to 98% of your visitor traffic. Small business websites are the most vulnerable to attacks and malware infections as most business owners that maintain their own website don't keep up with software updates, SSL certificates, and compliance recommendations.

Regular maintenance updates can actually improve my SEO?

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Correct Answer is True: Analytics, trends and reports will provide historical information of visitor interactions and the source of acquisition they came from. This information along with keywords are insights of what is working and what needs to be fixed on your website. In doing so will improve your SEO and organic rankings in search engine results pages (SERP). A monthly maintenance plan should include continuous improvements to a SEO strategy.

Website performance is a hosting related issue?

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Correct Answer is False: The choice of a hosting service provider and their offered plan will have a direct impact on your website performance. However, closely related outdated software versions in your CMS, Theme and Plugins will decrease site performance and possibly cause a website to crash if not maintained properly.

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